May 18, 2024
Missing Tooth Replacement

A lost tooth could drastically alter the look of the smile. A missing tooth could create various issues, depending on whether it is due to gum disease, damage, serious dental decay, or even a genetic disorder. Irrespective of how a tooth is missing, it could have a detrimental impact on your teeth’s position throughout time and lead to various difficulties if this isn’t restored using missing tooth replacement singapore.

Often you don’t understand how valuable your teeth are till they’re gone, and teeth don’t stay forever. Even just a single tooth loss could negatively influence your dental health and self-esteem. Any missing tooth or teeth could damage your speech, chewing skills, the stability of the jawbone, as well as lead your teeth to move through some of the unfilled areas over time.

Missing Tooth Replacement

Types of replacement options available for missing tooth

  1. Dental implants- Dental implants constitute the most popular tooth replacement options. Dental implants offer a dependable tooth replacement option that appears and feels like a natural tooth. Dental implants are indeed a lasting solution whenever you require to substitute a single tooth or many teeth in various regions.
  2. Implant-supported bridges- For numerous lost teeth inside a row, such an implant-supported replacement is the best option. Replacement of each tooth with such a dental implant could be time-consuming and ineffective. The teeth at two sides of an implant-supported bridge are held in place by implants. Even without screws, the teeth in the center of the opposite edges are kept in position.
  3. Tooth-supported bridge- Instead of inserting two screws in your dentures, a tooth-supported bridge utilizes your current teeth to hold the bridge. A crown is glued into position just on teeth that are close to the lost ones. The technique takes a few visits to finish.
  4. Removable partial dentures- Removable partial dentures, like dental implants, are a somewhat expensive way to restore teeth missing. Removable partial dentures were recommended for people who have several missing teeth instead of a full set of teeth. Removable partial dentures were gripped into position, ensuring that the fake teeth were maintained precisely.

Wrapping up

If the tooth were lost due to an accident, dental problems, or rotting, there are also several decent alternatives for missing tooth replacement Singapore. Every option has advantages and disadvantages that a dentist could help you consider depending on your unique requirements and budget.