May 22, 2024

Smoking is not a good habit and the sooner one realizes it the better it is for one whoever it can be quite a tough knack to quit the addictive habit.

The addictives

Smoking is like a psychological habit which eventually changes into an addiction. The nicotine present as an elemental buildup of cigarette gives a feeling of euphoria which is generally coveted by the youth of today and is used as an escape from stress. Because of this euphoric effect people tend to give in to this method. This with time becomes an automated response of the body. Therefore becomes like a ritual to complete. To cope with the withdrawal one needs to make up a right planner and have an extremely strong will power.

Stopping the smoking addictive with a start

There are many find a way to stop smoking if one sets up a strong will power. The first is


  • S: setting of a date

The initial step is to first set out a date to start with the initiative. Finding a day to quit smoking should be a day when you are least likely to smoke as this makes one more acclimatized to the newly made habit.

  • T: tell everybody

Once you tell your family and friends about the plans they will help you in achieving the desired goal. They will back you as an emotional support and interrupt with the smoking breaks.

  • A: Anticipation; figuring it all out

It is important to lay out a plan to plan in order to figure the moves by planning out the consequences of cravings and withdrawals.

  • R: removal

To think as much less about as possible it is important to throw them off sight. It is better to get rid of all nicotine and tobacco related products all the accessories. And freshen up the surroundings and the vibes using the soothing smells.

  • T: talk

It is necessary to talk to a doctor in order to get advice and prescriptions for medicines to handle the withdrawal syndrome more effectively.

Coping up with the withdrawal

As difficult it is to quit the disastrous habit as is coping up with the aftermaths. While the quitting game is happening body experiences various physical and psychological distresses. These symptoms incluoe

  • Iritatibility
  • Frustrations
  • Cravings
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Tremors
  • Fatigue

And many more. However they can be taken care with patience and strong will power. Some ways to start are

  • Cause yourself distractions: this technique can really help let those cravings down for a while.
  • Focus on the reason of why at first place you thought of quitting.
  • Rewards: for every effort one makes to towards a better goal they should reward themselves with special treats and anything which gives happiness.

So, these are the best ways to quit smoking and live a happy and healthy life for a better future.