May 23, 2024
is hair dead or alive

Things to Know About Your Hair

Those lustrous and shade of strands – this is just one thing about your hair. And you might know a few things about your hair but this list might surprise you. Your hair is not just those strands that you take care of every day. While most people do struggle to grow out their hair, others have it easy. But do you know everything about your hair? By understanding how the hair works, you know how to handle it.

Hair is made up of Keratin

The hair is made up of a fibrous protein which is the keratin which means that your diet literally affects the health of your hair. The keratin is a building block of each single strand of your hair.If you have less protein or keratin in your body, the hair becomes weaker and it will grow more slowly. If you take vitamins and follow a well-rounded diet, this could contribute a good part to your hair growth. 

Hair grows faster during warm season

The warm weather stimulates hair and its growth. If you think that your hair grows faster during the summer, this is why. Although a portion of the growth comes from your diet or your vitamins and even the hair products you apply, warm seasons can certainly contribute to it too.

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Hair indicates your health

This is so true and you can probably tell right after it was mentioned in the first part of this article. Having a meaningful and well-balanced diet keeps you healthy and it reflects on your hair. With the strands taking the nutrients you put into your body, it shows your health. To figure out is hair dead or alive, check out what you’ve been doing first.

Hair is weak when it is wet

Hair is vulnerable when it is wet. That’s why it is important that you only squeeze it gently when using a soft fabric. Rigorous rubbing after you take a bath after a shower can actually break it and cause damage. Keep it damaged free by using a conditioner that’s good for your strands.

Lastly, poor hygiene does not cause dandruff.

Dandruff comes from stress, poor diet, hair products that are hard, and illness. If you are stressed or coming out from an illness, you’ll notice a build up on your scalp and this is dandruff. This happens because when you’re stressed, have a poor diet or you get sick, the effect of those on the body breaks down the natural protection of the scalp.