May 22, 2024

The age-old argument that supplements can’t replace good diet habits is asinine. A lack of vitamin B12, iron, or calcium doesn’t mean your body’s health will suffer or that it won’t function properly. Now that we have a better understanding of the relationship between vitamin patches reviews and essential bodily functions, there’s no excuse for the average person not to take a multivitamin daily.


The key here is to take the right multivitamin for you and your needs — if you’re over 40, for example, you’ll want to choose something higher in folate than any other age group because your chances of getting pregnant are lower.


With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best multivitamins for men of various ages, from eighteen to up. All of these can be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy or grocery store, so if you’re looking and finding any that seem like they might work for you, get them today.


A few key areas to consider when deciding on the best multivitamins for men. Of course, the price will be a factor in the equation, but so is the concentration of each vitamin in each pill. As for choosing a multivitamin for men, there are a few factors to consider:

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• Age

Essential vitamins in the B complex help maintain good health and help you meet your daily nutritional requirements. Vitamin B12 is necessary as it’s challenging to get enough of through diet alone and is essential for red blood cells. If you eat meat or other sources of this vitamin, you’ll want to look into supplements. Vitamin B6 is necessary because it keeps your nervous system functioning properly and helps produce brain cells.


• Family history

Suppose you have a family history of any genetic disorders, like thalassemia, or any severe conditions, like Alzheimer’s or heart issues. In that case, you may want to choose a multivitamin for men formulated for those specific needs.


• Weight loss goals

You can never go wrong with a multivitamin for men when you’re on a weight-loss regimen, as it’s always good to improve your daily nutrition beyond just raw foods and supplements. If you’re looking to shed pounds, multivitamins for men that feature herbs like chromium or green tea extract can help you along the way.


• Fitness goals

Fitness buffs often find that they can work out harder and go longer when they put themselves on a consistent multivitamin regimen — as long as it’s not too much of a dosage. A good rule of thumb is to take one multivitamin pill per day, as well as one dose of fish oil or flax seed oil. Another option is to take your multivitamin right before you hit the gym, so it has time to kick in by the time you’re working out.